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Hi We are Brandon & Kate... Two friends in Nashville who love style, fashion, Photography, and art. We are so excited about this blog and hope you stop by often to see trends, learn about artists and their style and hopefully get inspired to evolve your own personal style. Welcome to janeybeth blog.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little. Black. Dress

This dress is just FUN and SEXY! It may indeed be the tightest article of clothing I have ever purchased...but sometimes you just have to suck it up, or suck it in... and get the tight black dress. I was looking for a fun dress for a friends birthday party and I swear I went to every store in the mall. I tried on every color in the rainbow and then I gave up. I was walking to my car by way of Dillards and the little black dress called my name! "Hey! Over here... I always work!" That's what it said from the hanger. :) So I grabbed it, tried it on, it was so tight I couldn't breathe and I thought... Perfect, I'll take it! I love how every now and then you will hear "pink is the new black" or fill in the blank color is the new black. That is not true... ever! The little black dress is the reining queen and will never be dethroned as the number one must have piece of clothing in a woman's closet! Dress: BCBG Shoes:Guess

Friday, May 4, 2012

Maternity Fashion for the Regular Girl

I am almost 5 months pregnant. Hooray!! But as far as having a fashion blog is concerned, it means a fuller... well... everything. They don't make maternity fashion easy on you either ladies. I have scoured the internet and department stores for affordable, stylish pieces that will work while growing a little one in your belly. So this is my first post on that very subject. I found this maxi dress at Forever 21. It is not maternity, neither is the little jacket accompanying it. However, Maxi dresses are amazing for comfort and style. And if you are anything like me, I am trying to purchase things I can wear now AND after our little bundle of joy enters the world! (side note: had I not been sick this very day with a "morning" type issue... I would've had the clarity to belt this little jewelbox of a dress!) Color Blocked Maxi Dress & Jacket: Forever 21 Photos By: Kate Underwood

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dolly's House

When my husband and I moved from NYC to Nashville we searched high and low for the perfect house to carve out our little life in. We knew we had found the perfect jewel when we found this little white 1880's farmhouse in the country. To top off how beautiful the place was, we found out one of it's former owners was Dolly Parton. Well, that sealed the deal. I loved every single thing about it, the wood floors, the vintage fixtures, the beautiful beams.... except the dark masculine kitchen. After several years of living here and building a studio and adding on a magnificent closet (hey, priorities people ;) we finally got to the kitchen this past December. We enlisted the help of fabulous interior designer Lori Paranjape at Redo in Franklin, Tennessee to take our tight budget and help turn our dark outdated cave of a kitchen, into something modern and practical that wouldn't look silly in a old farmhouse! She did an amazing job and completely exceeded our expectations. And now I have cabinets and drawers and a microwave! Oh My! Conveniences I haven't seen the likes of in years!!! Not only is it practical, its pretty easy on the eyes too~

See before and afters here at:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little Leopard

I love Kate Moss and when I saw this coat I immediately thought it might make me look just like a supermodel. Well, it doesn't. But it is so cozy and classic and I am so happy I made the Leopard Purchase just the same!!! I also love the quirky zipper detail on the back of the lace dress. Something very 60's about it's classic shape.

Dress: Topshop , Jacket: Free People , Shoes: Nine West , Bracelet: H&M

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tough Mudder

Am I a Tough Mudder? Well... I am about to find out! On February 11th, in Washington, GA I am running the Tough Mudder with an awesome team of people who are way tougher than I am! I am slightly terrified but mostly excited. The Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. With obstacles that are colorfuly titled Berlin Wall, Death March, Cliff Hanger and Fire walker, who wouldn't be excited! Just an average day for me really...yeah right! I always love a physical challenge and I have never minded getting dirty, but this takes the cake! I am especially looking forward to swimming through a tub of ice water in February, or perhaps running through electrified wires will be my favaoite part of the day. Really, my major goals are having fun and not dying! The Tough Mudder is a major partner of the wounded Warrior Project, and as of now the Tough Mudder has raised over $2 Million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project, so no matter how tough it's going to be, it's for a great cause. I mean seriously, if the servicemen and women of this nation can do all the dangerous things they do to keep us safe, what's swimming through a little ice water for them?

Now the big question... WHAT DO I WEAR!!! I am going to be muddy, gritty, and gross. How do I still be a girl! Here are some of my Tough Mudder outfit options! What's the fun of getting dirty old clothes dirty? So I have put together four girly mudder outfits that I can get gritty and gross! Which one should I wear?

Pink...it's a girl thing!


Can you see me?

What could be more fun than getting all white all muddy?!

Camo outfit: Walmart
Superwoman T-shirt: Walmart
Pink outfit: Nike
White Outfit: Nike

Monday, January 30, 2012

Lace and White

Lace and white are such a great combo. So beautiful, so bridal!!! I love this top. I actually got it on a photo shoot for my band with my sister. I have worn it many times since. It literally has wings and looks so pretty on stage. The boots are so classic and actually pretty comfortable. And you can't go wrong, any day with a pair of J Brand indigo skinny jeans.

Jeans: J Brand, Boots: Frye, Top: KARTA , Necklace: Haven Franklin , Cuff: Vintage

Monday, January 23, 2012

All Saints

The day Kate & I shot this we were both tired. It was cold, and over cast and I wanted something easy to wear. I didn't realize until I started this post that everything I am wearing, with the exception of my shoes is from one store.... All Saints. Coincidentally they are having a sale right now. Lucky us!

Denim, tank top & Chiffon blouse : all saints , Shoes: Urban Outfitters , Necklace & Bracelet: Forver 21

Photos by: Kate Underwood