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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tough Mudder

Am I a Tough Mudder? Well... I am about to find out! On February 11th, in Washington, GA I am running the Tough Mudder with an awesome team of people who are way tougher than I am! I am slightly terrified but mostly excited. The Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces. With obstacles that are colorfuly titled Berlin Wall, Death March, Cliff Hanger and Fire walker, who wouldn't be excited! Just an average day for me really...yeah right! I always love a physical challenge and I have never minded getting dirty, but this takes the cake! I am especially looking forward to swimming through a tub of ice water in February, or perhaps running through electrified wires will be my favaoite part of the day. Really, my major goals are having fun and not dying! The Tough Mudder is a major partner of the wounded Warrior Project, and as of now the Tough Mudder has raised over $2 Million dollars for the Wounded Warrior Project, so no matter how tough it's going to be, it's for a great cause. I mean seriously, if the servicemen and women of this nation can do all the dangerous things they do to keep us safe, what's swimming through a little ice water for them?

Now the big question... WHAT DO I WEAR!!! I am going to be muddy, gritty, and gross. How do I still be a girl! Here are some of my Tough Mudder outfit options! What's the fun of getting dirty old clothes dirty? So I have put together four girly mudder outfits that I can get gritty and gross! Which one should I wear?

Pink...it's a girl thing!


Can you see me?

What could be more fun than getting all white all muddy?!

Camo outfit: Walmart
Superwoman T-shirt: Walmart
Pink outfit: Nike
White Outfit: Nike

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