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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dolly's House

When my husband and I moved from NYC to Nashville we searched high and low for the perfect house to carve out our little life in. We knew we had found the perfect jewel when we found this little white 1880's farmhouse in the country. To top off how beautiful the place was, we found out one of it's former owners was Dolly Parton. Well, that sealed the deal. I loved every single thing about it, the wood floors, the vintage fixtures, the beautiful beams.... except the dark masculine kitchen. After several years of living here and building a studio and adding on a magnificent closet (hey, priorities people ;) we finally got to the kitchen this past December. We enlisted the help of fabulous interior designer Lori Paranjape at Redo in Franklin, Tennessee to take our tight budget and help turn our dark outdated cave of a kitchen, into something modern and practical that wouldn't look silly in a old farmhouse! She did an amazing job and completely exceeded our expectations. And now I have cabinets and drawers and a microwave! Oh My! Conveniences I haven't seen the likes of in years!!! Not only is it practical, its pretty easy on the eyes too~

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